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A Sales Enablement tool for teams of all sizes


Salesframe is a tool that brings sales and marketing together

Big or small, it helps your company make the most out of its marketing material and sales meetings.


For sales teams

Cut your prep time down and spend more time closing

Prepare for sales meetings


Salesframe makes fine-tuning the perfect presentation easy so that you can focus more on your pitch.

Present your materials in sales meetings


Present your case, react to questions and discover new opportunities.

Follow up sales presentations with notes and materials

Wrap up

Impress your client by following up instantly and push your sales case forward.


For marketing and management

Make sure the material in the field is as good as it is at the office

Distribute materials to sales reps


Salesframe makes it easy to enable your sales reps with up to date and beautiful content.

Customize your sales app to look like your brand


Customize the app to keep everything on brand

Use analytics to find which materials work and which don't


Find best practices and discover  new ones with analytics

Enable your sales teams to close more deals

Sales Enablement

Salesframe enables your sales reps to be more productive and close more deals

  • Onboard new salespeople with Salesframe’s help so that they can reach their goals quicker
  • Increase the time your sales reps spend selling while improving dialogue with clients at the same time
  • Help your sales support focus on cases that matter by making sales reps able to do more
Salesframe has really helped us enable our field sales with the latest content and product information. Our sales reps have become more efficient and we’ve also been able to keep branding consistent in every pitch.

Jean Gallen, Managing Director, Oy Chipsters Food Ab

The Salesframe presentation tool has been valuable addition to our sales team. We have closed deals in cases where we weren’t prepared to present but Salesframe saved our bacon with slides which were ready to use in the material bank. Saved presentations can be added to our CRM easily and most importantly you can send them to the customer right after the meeting!

Joonas Kairajärvi, Investment Specialist, UB Asset Management Ltd


Salesframe Enterprise

Are you ready to take your Sales Enablement into the stratosphere? Salesframe can be customized, integrated and expanded to suit your needs.


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