This is how Salesframe fits into your Sales and Marketing Tech Stack


The best tech stack is always more than a sum of its parts. Ensure you get the most out of your sales and marketing technologies by integrating them with Salesframe.



Going to a customer meeting on a mountain top? No problem, just use our offline app and present your case with no WiFi. Available for Windows 10 and iOS. 



Salesframe offers a selection of ready-made integrations that allow you to connect it to your existing technologies. Our integrations include Google Analytics, Hubspot, Single-Sign On and more. We also provide an open API which enables the building of customized integrations.


Content types

Samesframe supports a wide variety of different content types, so it doesn't matter of what kind of material you have, you can share and present it with Salesframe.

Supported content types include:

PowerPoint presentations, PDF-files, Images, Videos (Youtube, Vimeo), HTML content, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets and more.


Interested? Book a demo with one of our Sales Enablement experts or try Salesframe for free for 30 days!