Are you in Marketing, Sales Operations, Sales Development or Sales Management?

Sales Enablement

The key to winning deals is aligning your sales process and materials with your customer’s buying journey. Salesframe provides sales development, operations and marketing with tools that help them manage, distribute and develop content for salespeople in the field.



Contextual real-time data on what content is performing in sales and where further development is needed.


Content Distribution

Upload and publish your latest materials in the Salesframe Library and they will be instantly available to all your users, wherever they are.


Content Management

Make sure all the content your users have access to is always up to date and on brand. Say good-bye to outdated facts & pricing, old logos and poor font choices.


Playbook Customization

Go beyond boring folder structures by implementing your sales meeting playbooks utilizing the visually engaging Salesframe Storyboard.


Timed Content

Schedule content distribution and availability to match with your product launches and seasonal campaigns.


Third Party Content

Already have a great web app or a YouTube video that illustrates your product’s value? Great! Add it in your presentation or embed it directly in your Salesframe.


Visual Customization

Salesframe is customer facing so it needs to represent your brand even if sales content isn’t on screen. Salesframe allows you to edit the look and feel to perfectly match your visual identity.


Set Permissions

By managing access rights, you can decide who has access to specific pages and materials.


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