2nd annual Sales Enablement event in Finland Recap


The 2nd annual Sales Enablement -event in Finland was organized by Helsinki Sales Academy on the 3rd of September 2019, and we at Salesframe had the privilege to be a partner in the event. The venue, The Old Student House in the center of Helsinki provided great facilities to gather together about 100 professionals working with sales management, enablement, development or in other roles with a desire to find ways to improve sales operations.

Sales Enablement is becoming more important!

It was delightful to notice that the awareness around Sales Enablement is growing and companies are increasingly utilizing new tools and processes, which help their employees to work & sell better. The presentations during the day covered a variety of different business areas in which companies can find opportunities & improvement points to boost sales: such as customer service, sales material usage & management, quality of customer and credit data, marketing automation, AI, HR & training, etc. It’s obvious that Sales Enablement is not just one function, but instead companies can improve their selling in multiple ways by reviewing their operations on a broad scope with a sales perspective.

Takeaways from the event

One of the highlights was Richard Hilton’s presentation about how comprehensive role sales enablement and sales mindset have in top performing organizations. When hearing that dedicated sales enablement functions in companies correlate directly to better results, it just assures us that we are working on a highly important topic. Also it was eye-opening to listen Wärtsilä’s Jaime Lopez talk about their Sales Enablement journey during this decade. Their case showed that marketing teams can work closely with salespeople, and different marketing activities like automation and targeted online advertising can really provide valuable benefits & results for sales. We enjoyed all other presentations as well, and especially it was exciting to have a chance to meet and share thoughts with so many other sales professionals & minds.

To have an idea of the atmosphere, check the video from the event above.

Thank you HSA, partners, and all the guests! We’re already looking forward to the next events.

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