WEBINAR 29.8. - How to unify a sales team


with Salesframe CEO Lauri Ruhala
on August 29th at 10AM (EEST)


Companies use network drives and intranets to distribute sales materials. Unfortunately, salespeople are struggling to find & use right materials easily and end up wasting time on creating content and updating materials. It's no wonder that sales directors are facing problems such as:

  • Salespeople wasting up to 8 hours a week searching for and recreating content for sales meetings

  • Sales reps not staying consistent in their message

  • No way of tracking how salespeople use different materials with customers and what topics are most relevant

Sign up below for a 30 minute seminar on the 29th of August (at 9:00 in Sweden/Norway/Denmark, at 10:00 in Finland) hosted by Salesframe’s CEO Lauri Ruhala. You’ll find out what are today’s possibilities to track, enable and improve how salespeople operate!

In case you’d be interested to participate, but you can’t make it at this time, please send an email to lauri.ruhala@salesframe.com.

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