Our users told us: Salesframe is good!


We recently carried out a user survey and the amount of responses delighted us. These insights came from the people who are actually using our tool in their everyday work. Obviously, we care a lot about their feedback and it helps us a lot in developing Salesframe with the aim of serving all our users even better in the future.

What do our users like?

We used the Net Promoter Score (NPS®) method in the survey and our NPS score was 22, which is considered a good performance. Especially our users appreciated that all their materials are always up to date in our app. It’s nice to hear that we’ve been able to provide value for users in that aspect, since before using Salesframe, many of our clients have struggled with managing an uncontrolled number of different materials, including new and old versions.

Also, Salesframe’s ease of use was pointed out in several responses. We’re happy to hear that, since our mission has always been enabling sales reps to work better and more efficiently, and responses like that tell us that we’re on the right track.

How can we make Salesframe even better?

Especially some admin users wished for better analytics, and we’re excited to announce that there is a big analytics update coming in the fall. We’re going to release a completely new version of analytics, which collects far more data in much greater detail on how Salesframe is being used and what materials are being presented. So, just be patient for a few months and we’ll have something new, cool and interesting coming for you!

The feedback we got from the survey was valuable also in that we were able to find some client specific improvement wishes from the users, mostly related to material administration. Our team has already communicated about the feedback to our contact people, and we’re helping to improve Salesframe for their organizations. We encourage every Salesframe user to keep sending feedback, if they have any wishes. It’s always helpful to us, as we’re constantly trying to serve you better.

Feedback is always welcome!

We’re not completely satisfied with Salesframe yet. We’re good, but we can be better. All this feedback we got from our users together with all the development ideas we already have, have us convinced that we can make Salesframe and outstanding app in the future.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey! And from everyone here at Salesframe, we wish you have a great summer!

Henri Piipponen, Sales & Marketing Director
+358 50 350 0051

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