WEBINAR 23.5. - How marketing can have a better impact on sales


with Salesframe CEO Lauri Ruhala
on May 23rd at 10AM (EEST)


Have you noticed that your company's communication does not stay consistent when your sales teams are involved? This is because every salesperson has evolved their own unique way of pitching the benefits your company offers and spends massive amounts of time creating content to support their own unique message. This has led to marketers facing problems such as:

  • 90% of the content created by marketing is left unused in sales

  • There’s no way to track how salespeople use different materials with customers and what topics are most relevant

  • Nothing ensures that salespeople stay consistent in their message

Would you like know how marketers can control and have a better role in what’s happening in sales channel? Sign up for a 30 minute seminar on the 23rd of May (at 9:00 in Sweden/Norway/Denmark, at 10:00 in Finland) hosted by Salesframe’s CEO Lauri Ruhala. You’ll find out what are today’s possibilities to track, control and enable how salespeople operate!

In case you’d be interested to participate, but you can’t make it at this time, please send an email to lauri.ruhala@salesframe.com.

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