Salesframe Version 3.5.0 Preview!


A new version of Salesframe is coming up! Version 3.5.0 will be released on Friday, March 1st. We’ll be posting more detailed release notes before the version release, but here’s a couple of new features we picked.

New Custom Slides

Our Custom Slides feature is all new! In 3.5.0, admins can modify custom slide templates for their users and users will have a easy-to-use custom slide builder that makes it really quick and simple to create new slides, that always look great and on brand!


Memosite Email Notifications

With the new version of Salesframe, when a customer opens your memosite, you get an email notification. So, you’ll be immediately informed when customers are showing interest and won’t have to keep checking your memosites menu in the tool!


My Files Categories

Your personal files inside Salesframe can now be divided in categories! By organizing your content, you remove the risk of accidentally showing your client materials made for their competitors. More importantly, if you have a lot of material in My Files, categories will help you keep them in order.

We’re always developing Salesframe further. There are more improvements in the works and we’ll keep you informed about them. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we could serve you better, feel free to contact us!

Dejan Martic
Tech Team Lead

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