What to expect from Salesframe in 2019


As we’re getting further into 2019, we wanted to let our customers and users know a little bit about how we’re planning on developing Salesframe further in order to provide an even better user experience in the future. We have lots of ideas and features we might be working on, but here’s a few words about a couple of key areas on which we will be focusing this year to bring the most value for our clients!

Interactive presenting

  • Many people assume that sales presentations always have predefined content, which has been put together for that meeting and it can’t be changed on the fly. This is not the case anymore and we want to break that prejudice!

  • A good sales meeting is an interactive discussion with the client, and the sales presentation should reflect that. We’re focusing more and more on your ability to interact, react and modify your presentation in real time during a meeting. A sales rep shouldn’t have to worry about unexpected topics popping up in a meeting, having to search for materials on their computers or sending them later.

  • Meeting time with clients is always precious. So, we want to give our users the tools to always have the right content immediately at hand when they get that face-to-face time with a client. Always having the right materials enables more sales!

More Intelligence and Automation

  • We believe that we can help our users in their daily work by making Salesframe smarter.

  • First, we want to notify and support users immediately when there’s any progress in their sales cases. Basically, we want to let our users know whenever we get any signals from their customers, so that reps can use their time better by identifying and focusing on real sales opportunities.

  • Another part is sales training and guidance. In most companies, training is organized separate sessions, every 6 months or so. However, learning is an on-going process and Salesframe can support its users by giving guidance automatically based on their behavior.

  • We believe this type of support helps both sales reps and directors in improving how they work, which is why we’re putting some effort into developing intelligence in our tool.

Better analytics

  • We already provide some statistics on how active salespeople are and how they’re using presentation materials. However, we see many more possibilities in how we could provide analytics and insights into user activity and content utilization for admins and sales reps alike.

  • One of the benefits of analytics is that it helps marketing use their resources better and develop better materials for the sales team. Often marketers can’t track sales material usage in the field at all. We already provide some visibility into it, but we will keep working on providing better and more valuable data for our clients.

I’m looking forward to working with all our clients this year and helping them in developing better sales processes and sell more! If you’d like to discuss more about this topic, don’t hesitate to message or call your contact person at Salesframe. If you’re not a customer already, book a call with one of our Sales Enablement experts, right now!

I wish you all successful sales in 2019!

Lauri Ruhala, CEO
+358 50 410 0052

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