Salesframe version 3.3.0 - New features and improvements


At the end of last week, we rolled out a new version of Salesframe. Version 3.3.0 has several new improvements and new features, that should make using Salesframe easier, more efficient and more enjoyable! Here are some of the improvements and features introduced in Salesframe Version 3.3.0:


  • Powerpoint & PDF conversion engine improved
    • accepts larger files (up to 150MB) 
    • faster conversion, especially when converting PDFs
  • Visual improvements to Action Points and Notes
  • Better Login flow
  • New Contact us -page
  • 2-factor authentication support for users that use local credentials
  • Files from hidden folders are not shown in search results in Presentation library
  • Admin can remove presentation-file and related slides from library with single click from context menu
  • Files can be downloaded directly from Presentation library
  • Presentation summary improved visually and added possibility to duplicate item within the presentation

New Features

  • Dashboard and My Files face lift for regular users (users-role)
  • Support for standard compliant three legged Oauth
  • Oauth-provider support for other applications
  • Finnish language version

As we have a large number of Finnish users, we're happy to tell you that we're introducing a Finnish language version of Salesframe! All the admin menus, as well as the user views have now been translated into Finnish. The user language is currently being determined by the language of your web browser, and we'll be adding language selection inside Salesframe later on.

There are multiple improvements to the user interface, chief among them the new controls in the Presentation deck and of course the simplified Dashboard and My Files pages for regular users.

The Login flow has been improved as well, to better accommodate companies that utilize Single-Sign-On (SSO). Admins will certainly appreciate more comprehensive Oauth support, as well as the improved conversion engine for Powerpoint and PDF files.

We hope you like the new version of Salesframe! Remember, if you have input, thoughts or suggestions on how we could make Salesframe even better for our users, please give us feedback by clicking this link.

Lasse Laitinen, COO

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