How do users feel about Salesframe?


We at Salesframe are determined to develop our tool further and our goal is to make it the best Sales Enablement tool for all salespeople. Because sales reps in the field know best how Salesframe actually works in sales meetings, it’s really important for us to listen to their insights and feedback. That’s why we carried out a user survey last week. We were positively surprised by all the great points that our users shared with us! Here’s our review of the key findings.

Salesframe is clear and easy to use!

The users were asked what they find good about Salesframe. It was delightful to see that we have succeeded in providing an easy-to-use tool enabling sales reps to sell more. Here are some examples of some comments that were shared.

“It´s easy to use”; “Simple”; “Salesframe is clear and easy to use”; “Easy to pick up slides”; “It´s easy to change some slides whenever you want”

We were happy to receive these comments! Our aim has always been to help sales reps use their time efficiently, cutting down on prep time, and giving them an easy tool to give good-looking presentations for their customers. Based on the given feedback, we feel confident in saying that we’re on the right track!

We’re working to develop the material management further

In the survey, we also asked users how we could be better. To this question we were given good and useful feedback on improving features for admins in material and user management. It was brought to our attention that the material upload and replacement features could be easier to use. Additionally, it was noted that the password reset function had been complicated for some users. We’re happy to say we’re close to solving these problems! Already in our next release, we’ll introduce improvements for the password controls.

All in all, we’re constantly working on providing better features for all users and admins. The input we received in the survey was truly helpful for us, and the improvement suggestions are taken into consideration in our development roadmap. We’ll keep you updated when we introduce new features to our product!

Meanwhile, if any thoughts or comments come up, you can always send feedback or contact me directly.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey and to all our users!

Lasse Laitinen, COO

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