Henri Piipponen joins Salesframe


Salesframe’s most recent recruit is Henri Piipponen, with a strong background in marketing automation, loyalty marketing and email marketing. With a lot of experience in both sales and delivery, he brings plenty of new insights and knowledge to help us in serving all Salesframe users even better in the future. Here's Henri himself, on joining the Salesframe team:

Focus in making Salesframe the best buddy for all sales representatives

I’m really excited to join Salesframe and work with all the talented people here. Over the years I have seen multiple companies struggling with how they can effectively manage the sales and other presentation materials in a centralized way. Too often each individual employee has a different unique way to store and use the presentation materials in their daily work. As a result, companies are losing control over the materials and no-one can analyze data on what’s truly useful presentation content. Additionally, from a business perspective, an even bigger challenge might be the loss of time and resources when, for example, the sales representatives spend so much time preparing, updating, using, saving and sharing their presentation materials. I feel there’s a clear need in the market for a simple, user-friendly and centralized tool for managing and using the presentation materials inside a company, and Salesframe is a great solution!
Together with the rest of the Salesframe team we’re always looking ahead so that our tool could be the perfect buddy for all the sales reps, enabling them to use their time effectively and sell more. Developing operations in the short term, our plan is to become a bit more interactive with our users. Only by understanding our users’ wishes and needs can we recognize how to serve them better. Therefore, we’ll soon start to communicate with our users with relevant content. We also want to provide more helpful information and guidance on our website to both our existing as well as potential new users. It might take a while before we’re on the level that we want to be on, but one example of the future direction was our first customer reference story video with Hartwall, which was just published. Down the line our goal is to provide a lot more great content and I’m looking forward to how we can enable all our users and clients to do more business.

Henri Piipponen
Sales & Marketing Director
+358 50 350 0051

We here at Salesframe are happy and excited to welcome Henri to our team, and we’re looking forward to developing our sales and communications together!

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