Sneak peek of Salesframe version 3.4.5!


A new update to Salesframe is imminent! Version 3.4.5 will be released on December 21st. There are lots of little fixes and tweaks, but also some pretty noticeable user experience updates. Here are a few examples.

Instant Memosite sharing

When you create a new Memosite in the Presentation deck, you now get a popup that lets you copy a link to it or email it right away! This will make Memosite sharing easier and more convenient, so you can follow up even quicker than before!


Office files inside presentations

Now you can add and open Microsoft Office files, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel files, in your Salesframe presentations! When you add an Office file in your presentation and play the presentation, the file will be opened in Office Online and embedded in your presentation like a slide.


Updated user dashboard

The user dashboard got a facelift, using the tool’s background image and sleeker buttons. Now the tool is branded for your organization, even when you’re not in the Present mode!


These, and more updates are coming with version 3.4.5 on December 21st. Full release notes coming soon!

NewsMikko Oittinen