CEO Lauri Ruhala’s Year Review 2018


2018 is winding to a close and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year and how far we’ve come. Our team has grown with several great additions in both business and tech and the team is looking cohesive and excited to work towards a common goal.


On the business side the past year has brought with it significant progress. Here’s a short review on where we are at the moment.

Our revenue has grown 41% from 361k€ to over 510k€ and the structure of the revenue is exactly where we want it to be with 78% being user subscription revenue. We’ve been able to grow the company with a bootstrapped model and so we’re extremely proud of the growth we’ve made.

The increase in revenue has also made possible some additional investments in sales and marketing. As an indication of those investments we’ve taken our first big steps towards becoming truly international. Next year we’re only going to pick up the pace. Also, our total number of users has gone up by 128% and the number of customers has gone up by 81%.

Product Development

Concerning the product itself, one year ago we were in a situation that I jokingly called Post-MVP. That means that the product did what it was supposed to and did it well. This year we’ve made several significant improvements to the tool. Here are a few of my favorites.

Most importantly, we released mobile apps for both Windows 10 and iOS, which made true offline usage possible. Another great improvement is Salesframe SDK, which makes it possible for not only us, but for third-party developers to create custom Salesframe interfaces for customers. My favorite comment about a tool created using the SDK came from a customer’s competitor. “It looks so good, I wish it didn’t work.” High praise indeed.

We also added the possibility to add Microsoft Office files in presentations. We’ve always had the possibility to use PowerPoint slides in Salesframe, but if users wanted to open Word or Excel files, they had to download it first. In our most recent release we made it possible to view Office files inside a presentation in Salesframe.

All in all

In a nutshell, we’ve added over 50 new features during the year that improve the quality of the product and make sharing and presenting files as well as tracking usage easier and even enjoyable.

I’d like to thank our team and all our customers for an exceptional year. 2018 has been the busiest and most rewarding year I’ve had at Salesframe and we’re in a great position for launching into 2019!


We also have our own beer now, made with Maku Brewing. We made a bunch of these to give out as Christmas presents to customers and partners. We might have checked the quality by having one or two of these ourselves.

Happy holidays, thanks for 2018 and let’s make 2019 even better!

Lauri Ruhala, CEO
+358 50 410 0052

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