Salesframe version 3.4.5 Release Notes


Version 3.4.5 of Salesframe is here on December 21st, 2018! The new version includes an array of new features, improvements and fixes. See below for a full list of what to expect from the new version! You can also check out this article for a closer look at a couple of the most notable updates.

Key improvements

Salesframe iOS App

Now Salesframe can be downloaded and used offline with an iPad! While it’s been possible to use Salesframe online using the browser on an iPad, with the iOS app, it’s now possible to use Salesframe even when there’s no Internet connection! Great news for all the salespeople who have to travel a lot!

Instant memosite sharing

Now sharing memosites is even faster than before! When you create a memosite, you will immediately get a shareable link and an email button.

Office files inside presentation

Now you can add Microsoft Office documents directly into your presentations! PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents are now opened inside the presentation using Office Online.

Autoplay icon for tags

Now you can tell autoplay tags apart from other tags easier! Tags that launch a presentation directly will now have a circled play button icon next to them.

Other Improvements & New Features:

  • Fade effect when slideshow is opened

  • Preview image quality is now better

  • Memosite link included in the memosite message in the user feed

  • Notes and Action Points view in the menu has an improved design

  • User dashboard has an improved design with background image

  • The Library tab is hidden on the Storyboard landing page

  • Search added for the Presentation view in the menu

  • Admins can now change the Storyboard font color in the Layout menu

  • Info modal window added to Print to PDF in slideshow and memosite


  • Background image transitions are smoother

  • Vimeo videos are properly scaled on mobile devices

  • Title and tags on Storyboard are aligned better

  • Thumbnails for custom slides are better

  • Notes and action points are included in PDF export

  • Analytics graph error when there is no data is fixed

  • Shared items get multiplied

If you’re already a user, be sure to check out the improvements! If you’d like to learn more about Salesframe’s product features, check them out here or book a call with one of our Sales Enablement specialists!

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