Salesframe version 3.4.0 - New features and improvements


We have a new release coming!

Here are the technical release notes, but we will also soon share more information about what’s new in Salesframe.

New Features

  • Kiosk mode for exhibition support

  • Support for exporting all analytics data as .csv files

    • Please contact Salesframe support for more information on how to download raw data

  • Language selection toggle button added to admin & user dashboard

  • Memosite tracking now includes information if the material has been downloaded by the recipient


  • Custom slides are now full screen size

  • New tool sign-up layout

  • Better login-flow

  • Number of users in each user group is now visible next to the user group

  • PDF converted slides to have name from pdf file not just slide 1 2 3 etc

  • New visuals for all dialogs

  • PDF files that are opened in a presentation are now visible within the presentation instead of a new windowDashboard and My Files face lift for regular users (users-role)

Bug fixes

  • It is no longer possible to delete all tags from a file in the admin library

  • If an invited user logs in via SSO, they are now displayed in the user list

  • Present: A loading message now appears when opening presentations/memosites listing

  • Oauth: if multiple connected apps are defined, redirect back to app now works correctly

  • Settings: ui bugs fixed in connected apps adding

  • Oauth connected apps: error messages improved

  • When saving layout, toaster returns correct message to the user

  • Oauth login window has been improved visually

  • Libary: add link language support fixed

  • SDK: custom javascript can now be edited once it has been published

  • FileTag Module Bugfixes

  • Removing tag with invalid parameters returns 500 error instead of 400

  • Present: mouse disappears after autoplay

  • Delete folder dialog does visually improved

  • Material deletion did not always work

  • Admin library: removing tags did not work

  • Files and slides can now be selected in present-module using IE

  • Memosite top bar size in mobile browsers has been reduced to not block so material viewing

  • Appearance: custom slide editing dialog was not scrolling

  • Present: after editing custom slide, the button label stays at "edit" while it suppose to be create

  • Library: error when trying to add link in library now fixed

  • Present: Fixed that selected library files are in a wrong order if user has sorted files

  • Presentation library: download file directly from library without opening slideshow first

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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