Salesframe is a sales presentation tool for teams of all sizes

Sales Enablement for teams of all sizes

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Build your presentation

Forget searching for content on intranets, network drives and old USB sticks. Salesframe has all your sales materials ready to go cutting down prep time and helping you close more deals.

 Salesframe is a hub for all your sales materials
 Salesframe supports all kinds of sales and marketing materials

All kinds of content

Salesframe supports a wide range of materials from slides, images and videos to any type of embedded web content in your presentations.


Storyboard – Make it Yours

Customize your storyboard and make your sales app look like your brand.

 Customize the layout and structure of your sales tool to best represent your company

With Salesframe Enterprise, the Storyboard can be custom built to your specifications.


Present your content and react better

You have all your content at hand at all times, so you can effectively present your case, even when faced with surprising questions.

 Present your case and react to changing situations in sales meetings

Always on brand

Your brand is valuable. Customize your app’s visuals to always look just the way you want it.

 Customize your sales tool to fit your brand
 The My Presentations view keeps your meetings and presentations in order

Stay organised with My Presentations

Salesframe keeps your presentations and meetings neatly organized so that preparing, presenting and looking back are as easy as possible.

 Create and send memos and materials to your clients

Keep your momentum

Create a meeting memo with all the relevant materials and send it to your client instantly.

 Salesframe works on different platforms from computers to tablets


Salesframe works just as well on different platforms from desktops to tablets, including Windows, iOS and Android.

 Salesframe Enterprise includes several additional features

Salesframe Enterprise

Get a lot more features, like a custom Storyboard, benefit calculators and system integrations with Salesframe Enterprise!


Get on board and win them over!

Don’t waste your time looking for old materials or making materials that never get used.

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