Give Me Proper Templates or Give Me Death


Salespeople aren’t designers. I mean I’m sure some are, but generally, I’m pretty comfortable in saying that salespeople aren’t designers. I’m also sure that some salespeople are really good at making really nice PowerPoint slides, but even if they are, it’s not their job. At least, it shouldn’t be.

Often, it’s the job of marketing people to make all the material salespeople use, which is good. Usually, that’s preferable. People whose job it is to make good slides make good slides, and people whose job it is to convincingly talk about those slides talk about them. Convincingly, I hope.

Sometimes, however, customer specific slides must be created for meetings. Perhaps even materials specific to that meeting. There’s just no time for marketing to react to situations like that consistently on time. Not that they even should.

So, sometimes salespeople must make slides of their own. It’s not a situation companies should strive for, but it’s a reality many companies can’t get away from. Like I said before, salespeople aren’t designers. They shouldn’t be burdened with the responsibility of creating good slides even when they must create good slides.

So, what am I saying?

Templates. That’s what I’m saying. Marketing departments should create a variety of slide templates for salespeople to use, so that they can have customer specific content done quickly and easily without compromising the brand.

You’re not running some rinky-dink operation where anything goes. Your company probably paid someone a considerable amount of money to design a brand image fit for a professional organization like yours. So, when salespeople present their case for your products and services, it shouldn’t be kinda-sorta. It should be just so.

Furthermore, worrying about that should never be a part of a salesperson’s day. The templates need to be rigid. Replace this title here and this text here, drop an image here and you’re good to go. The logo is locked, the fonts are preselected, the colors are set and that blue bar all your slides have on the bottom is locked in place, too.

Marketing should investigate all the cases in which salespeople need templates and make templates for those situations. Then, when a salesperson needs to customize some materials for an upcoming meeting, they can just pick a template from a limited selection and edit it without breaking it. That’s the dream.

Well, the dream is salespeople not having to make materials at all, but sometimes that’s not a realistic dream to have. Short of living in that dream world, the best option is having templates that make it possible for salespeople to create those materials when they must.

So, marketing people: make your salespeople proper slide templates. Salespeople: if you don’t have proper templates yet, demand them. If this issue doesn’t concern you, well, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

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Lauri Ruhala, CEO
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