7 ways to boost sales productivity with Salesframe


Sales directors are under pressure to meet ever higher sales targets, but yet often can’t hire more sales reps. In this article we will touch on 7 ways Salesframe helps smart sales directors pull the biggest lever at their disposal: Increasing the productivity of existing sales reps.

1. Salesframe gives every rep 6 to 8 extra hours every week

Several surveys have shown that, on average, sales reps spend 30 to 40 hours every month on content management and preparation. With Salesframe the correct content is immediately in front of the reps and they don’t have to spend time clicking through cluttered storage drives.

Salesframe frees your reps from this drudgery and allows them to focus on productive work. What would the effect be on your sales numbers if every rep would gain 6 to 8 extra hours every week?

2. Salesframe ensures sales presentations align with marketing

Because it takes so long for reps to find the presentations they need, many just create their own. Sooner or later presentations diverge from marketing messages and brand guidelines are replaced with comic sans and clipart.

Salesframe serves as your single source of truth in sales presentations. Reps quickly and easily find the right slides and can customize them for each prospect. Presentations remain on brand and message aligned with marketing.

3. Salesframe helps marketing produce better content

Anywhere from 60 to 80% of the sales collateral marketing produces never sees the light of day. Reps may never find it on cluttered storage drives, think it’s not relevant for their cases, or that the content is out of date.

Salesframe ensures all of the collateral marketing produces is immediately in front of all the reps. Furthermore, sales directors and marketing gain visibility to what content reps actually use and what works. No longer forced to churn out content nobody ever sees, marketing can focus on producing more of what works.

4. Salesframe enables reps to easily react to customer questions

Among the top complaints of executive-level buyers is that sales reps aren’t prepared for their questions and lack relevant case studies and examples. Salesframe allows reps to customize the presentation on the fly and pull up relevant slides from the library. Reps can keep the momentum going instead of ‘Wait, I had that slide somewhere here…’

5. Salesframe allows your average reps to easily learn from your best reps

Savvy sales directors know that the biggest gains come from increasing the performance of your average reps. Salesframe helps you to understand what the best sales reps do differently from the rest - which slides they use and the content they show to prospects. Use this information to coach average reps.

6. Salesframe helps new reps to get up to speed faster

Salesframe helps your organization to document and codify best practices. Slides can have notes that contain the best sales arguments and answers to common objections. With this information at their fingertips, new reps get up to speed much faster.

7. Salesframe exposes new products and services to the entire sales force

Getting sales reps to sell new products and services isn’t always easy or quick. When each rep has their own version of the sales presentation, it takes time and effort to get them to update the presentations and to expose the new offers to customers.

With Salesframe, new offers and sales content is immediately in front of all the sales reps and available to use in presentations.

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