4 Rules for Successful Customer Onboarding


Achieving new goals always requires changes. If you don't change, nothing changes. For us at Salesframe, new goals for our clients usually mean either time saving in sales or better-quality sales meetings. In best cases, both are achieved. However, to achieve these goals with a sales enablement tool, some changes need to be made in the way of working. That's why we've learned that successful customer onboarding is crucial, even if introducing our tool is pretty straightforward in terms of technology.

1. Why are we onboarding?

This is usually solved during the sales process already, but when beginning to implement a new tool, new people are usually involved. That's why it’s important to align goals and define future steps and deadlines in the onboarding project. As mentioned before, for us, we're usually saving time or increasing quality. These are somewhat different priorities, but both require an understanding of how our client’s sales process has functioned before. Onboarding seems to be better equipped when we're able to define a numeric goal to work towards.  Our clients’ admins are usually not working in the field, which is why it’s important to involve people from the sales team. In the end, our tool is built to be used by sales. An ideal kick-off team for sales enablement success involves an admin, a salesperson and a business sponsor. Usually the admin focuses on visuals, sales in relevant content and management makes sure everything is inline with sales strategy. Our role is training, best practices and whatever you need to succeed.

2. Communication

We're all busy. Sales quotas need to be achieved, marketing campaigns need to be planned, the list goes on. Defining the goal, involving stakeholders, setting clear roles and schedules help during busy times. But communication is key. Communication between us and the customer. That's why we focus heavily in meeting in person at least once during the sales process as well as the onboarding kick-offs. People do business with people. Trust and established communication channels help when timelines change. And yes, they do change.

3. Time to market

Our tool is made to be used in the field. It's not just a nice gimmick for internal meetings. We want to be quick to show value to sales teams which leads towards MVP-like pilots. However, we have learned that the tool needs to be customized for our customer’s sales team so that when they begin to use it, it is already better than the old way of working. The beginning is crucial. Nothing upsets us as much as a great tool on the shelf. We do our very best to help customize Salesframe and upload your existing sales presentations and content into the tool as well as help with training sales teams. Training is fun and simple, but usually necessary. One or two sessions go a long way depending on sales teams. As always, well planned is only half done, so using the tool will bring the best results and help you improve and customize your tool the most.

4. Balance wins

We want to talk about onboarding because we see it's important to increase usage in the beginning. And when any new tool gets a good start, everything seems to roll easily from there. We also see that off-the-shelf onboarding kickoffs don't take more than a couple of weeks and a couple of sessions together. In todays IT world, that's a relatively straight forward onboarding. Success requires commitment. It is our job to help our clients to understand the value of our tool. A committed team with clear roles and good communication will go a long way. We do everything to help our clients be quick in time to market. Usage helps to develop the sales process in terms of sales material. After the initial kick-off period, our customer teams are ready to continue developing the tool to fit their own sales process on their own. That's what we call successful onboarding.

If you’d like to talk more about onboarding or our product, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email or book a call with one of our sales enablement experts!

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