Top 5 Sales & Marketing Materials Trends for 2019


The new year is fast underway, and sales organizations are gearing up for evolving and breaking last year’s records. Faster Internet connections, more powerful devices and better digital tools are fuelling the ever-accelerating digitalization machine. Sales and marketing teams across the globe are adopting new methods and employing new tools to react to and grow with these changes. Among AI, data driven sales, native advertising and many more growing trends in marketing, materials used by salespeople to push cases forward are evolving too. Here’s a brief look to some of the main trends in sales and marketing materials in 2019:

1. Materials are becoming Authentically Digital

Fewer and fewer digital sales materials are PDF versions of print brochures. Almost all materials are now digitally distributed, and everybody’s wise to it. The sales and marketing materials of 2019 are made to be viewed on devices, not on paper. This means materials have a whole different set of rules. The fine print and page numbers must die, so that vertical scrolling and horizontal swipes can live.

2. Materials will live in the cloud

Nobody wants to download a presentation, if they can just present it. Cloud services and online tools, like Google Drive and Office Online (and Salesframe) are making downloaded and locally stored materials obsolete. The sales and marketing materials of 2019 are automatically updated, version controlled and backed up. You can leave that external hard drive or thumb drive at home, just make sure you can go online where you’re going.

3. Video keeps getting more relevant

You’d think we’ve reached peak video usage by now, but no. Not even close. Faster connections and devices are making showing videos anywhere more convenient, and cheaper cameras and easier editing software are making video production more affordable. Professionally produced videos will still cost you, but some basic things you can do with your phone with no training or budget. A basic introduction video for saying hello to your client? You can shoot it, edit it and upload it without ever sitting down at a computer.

4. Interactivity: Materials people will want to play with

Imagine being given the option between copy-and-pasting an address of a restaurant from their website to Google Maps, or having Google Maps embedded on the website, with the location of the restaurant pinned. You might not do the former at all, but you’re definitely clicking that map and zooming it in and out to see exactly where that restaurant is. Now apply that to B2B sales materials. Instead of looking at a spread sheet, wouldn’t you rather play with a benefit calculator? Instead of flipping through a catalogue of available parts, wouldn’t you rather build your own?

5. Personalized content

Whether it’s an ad campaign that uses AI to determine which products you might be interested in, or just a really good slide template being properly used, personalized marketing is blowing up. In B2B sales materials, that means making a presentation customer specific. In the olden days of yore, that meant spending hours or even days building a presentation for a customer from scratch. Not in 2019. Maybe your slide templates have a predetermined spot for a customer logo. Maybe your presentation starts with a short video clip of your CEO saying hello to your prospect personally. Maybe you can easily pick and choose materials based on what topics, products, operating countries or other areas of interest are relevant to your customer.

If any of these topics are of interest to you, or you’re looking for a solution to support all these five trends, Salesframe can most likely help! It’s super easy & convenient. If you’d like to discuss this topic more, don’t hesitate to book a call with one of our sales enablement specialists or just click that chat icon in the lower right corner of the page and start a conversation! Also check out my previous article, listing the 9 best free online tools for creating graphs for marketing materials!

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