3 Ways You’re Losing Money with Bad Material Management


Are your materials any good? Are they organized well? Are you sure? Have you ever wondered how much time and resources are wasted in your organization on inefficient content management? Chances are it’s a lot. Hours wasted searching for stuff that should be right there at your fingertips, hours wasted creating materials nobody uses, opportunities that slipped through your fingers because the salesperson didn’t have the materials they needed with them. And so on.


Here are three ways inefficient material management might be costing you money.

1.      Wasting time

Are you managing materials on a network drive? Be honest, how hard is it for your salespeople to find the right material? Can they even access the network drive in the field?

Every salesperson downloads the materials they need once. Then, they prepare, manage, update, modify and present the materials on their own as they see fit. This means every employee spends hours on something that could be done once by one person. Does this sound familiar?

2.      No control

When every salesperson has their own copy of whatever materials they use, there might be as many versions of the materials as there are people working with them.

Every salesperson is presenting the company with their own message, which might not match with the message or the brand you might’ve built with a lot of time and money.

3.      Lack of analytics and insight

Do you know which materials are actually being used in the field? Even if the most recent sales material is shared internally, material banks or network drives can’t tell you how the material is being used throughout the organization.

Managers must rely on gut feelings and word-of-mouth feedback. I’m sure you trust your co-workers, but that stuff is always unreliable. Without concrete data, there’s no chance to lead sales work or content production based on anything but feelings.

These are the most common problems we’ve encountered with material management. These problems create frustration among sales reps, marketers and directors. Not to mention the fact that all of these result in money wasted and lost. If you identify with any of these issues, you might want to consider updating to modern tools for centralized content management and presentation. Salesframe is a great option. Just saying.

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