Stop wasting salespeople’s time on material preparation and updates!


Throughout Salesframe’s history, we’ve met with numerous companies, who have the same challenge: a single sales rep might spend tens of hours every month on preparing and updating Powerpoint presentations, PDF-files, pictures, catalogues, price lists, videos and other presentation materials that are necessary in their sales meetings. The bigger the sales team, the more time is being wasted.

How to enable sales reps to focus on selling?

Naturally, we here at Salesframe are also using our own tool when meeting with clients. When I started working here, the simplicity and ease of use positively surprised me. It provided valuable employee onboarding help –  I didn’t have to ask my colleagues to send me materials over email or Slack or worry about picking up the right content from an intranet, company drive or something like that. Instead, everything I needed for sales presentations and client meetings was instantly ready and up to date when I just opened our sales tool!

I quickly experienced the benefits of Salesframe personally. It has saved me time on unproductive material handling tasks and helped me focus solely on developing our sales and marketing operations. I’m excited that in my work here I get to share these experiences and help other companies to centralize their management and usage of the presentations with one simple sales tool.

Salesframe helps you in sales enablement and efficient material management

Above, I described a typical dilemma sales directors might be struggling with – how to save save sales reps’ time on tasks irrelevant to their core work. We’re confident in saying that our tool has been helpful to our clients’ salespeople in such situations and has helped them operate more efficiently. Another common problem Salesframe solves is sales materials not being centralized. With Salesframe, you can manage content in a centralized way and it’s easy to ensure that everything is on brand and up to date. Additionally, with analytics, you don’t have to wonder whether presentation materials are used on the field or not!

If your organization is facing challenges like the ones described above, we’re more than happy to tell you more about how and our clients are using Salesframe and how you can benefit from it. You can book a demo, sign up for a free trial or directly contact us.

Have a nice summer and let’s enable more sales!

Henri Piipponen, Sales & Marketing Director
+358 50 350 0051