How to make sure salespeople never use an ugly slide again


Since I started working here at Salesframe, I’ve designed hundreds of slides and other presentation materials. I’ve tried to keep all our materials cohesive, fairly similar in style and — above all else — on brand. I’m lucky, in that the material I create is distributed to everyone in the sales team within our own Salesframe tool. I, as a graphic designer, have full control over the visual appearance of our sales materials. That’s a good thing.

What that means from my perspective of a content creator and manager, is that once I’ve spent a good amount of my valuable time creating slides, salespeople can’t just move stuff around in PowerPoint and mess up a perfectly good design. That would be a waste of their valuable time too. Once marketing and management has decided on what the message we want to tell is, and a designer (that’s me) has made the materials look good, it’s best for everyone if the message stays the way it is.

This doesn’t mean that the salespeople can’t sell the way they want, it just means that everyone is spending their time on what they do best. Management controls the message, marketing and design departments make sure everything is on brand and salespeople don’t have to waste their time creating, searching and editing materials. Salespeople shouldn’t have to worry about things like brand cohesiveness, they have enough on their shoulders doing what they do best: selling.

Efficient sales presentation management and utilization

Salesframe isn’t just content management, of course. It’s a sales presentation tool. In the eyes of a designer, being able to control the visual appearance of not only the content, but also the environment in which the salesperson presents that content, is huge. Salesframe isn’t just a tool for presenting material that looks good, Salesframe is a presentation that looks good.

I feel privileged, working for a company that understands the value of design. I get to work on a tool that gives our customers the ability to better utilize the value of design too. Even the best salesperson benefits from better presentations.

One of the things we want to do for our customers, is to help them make sure that every presentation given by every one of their sales people, is on message and on brand. Many companies have spent a small fortune building a strong brand image and creating brand guidelines that are there to make sure that every slide, every image and every piece of sales material makes that brand image stronger. It stands to reason, then, that those companies want their sales teams to use that carefully crafted material and not some hastily created PowerPoint presentations to make their case.

Salespeople don’t have time to care about brand guidelines. They shouldn’t have to care about brand guidelines. That’s what marketing departments and ad agencies are for. That’s why a tool like Salesframe is so useful. It empowers marketing and management, giving them the ability to control the message and how the message is told, as well as enabling salespeople by giving them easy access to the best possible materials to present with.

It looks great, too.

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