5 ways to get your new reps selling ASAP


As a new hire, I’ve been thinking about onboarding from the perspective of sales enablement quite a lot. Specifically, how I, as a new sales rep, can provide value to my new employer as quickly as possible. Since I’ve had some time to think about this, I figured I’d share my insights. So, let’s get right to it, how to get new reps selling sooner?

1. Do your homework

Know what you’re selling. After all, how can you help, if you don’t? Whether you’re a technical- or a business-oriented seller, you should have a crystal clear, unique selling proposition. Learn the most common use cases for different industries. If one size doesn’t fit all, as it usually shouldn’t, take some time with management to figure out where you can start and specialize in a certain product, service or industry. You can always broaden your focus as you gather more experience.

2. Get to know your team

Whether you’re a lone sales wolf, working from your own sales office (like I am), or a part of a large sales team, get to know the people around you. Their roles, their expertise, what’s important for them and what they do with their free time. The team around you will help you find and grow your business in so many ways. It’s good to be comfortable with the people around you, especially when facing clients. That’s why activities outside the office are important. If they’re busy now, don’t worry. You’ll know everything you need by the end of the office Christmas party.

3. Learn past customer success stories

Not just the success stories either. Also, the failures and lost deals your colleagues still feel bad about sharing. Focus on understanding why the customer chose (or didn’t choose) your company. If possible, join your colleagues in meeting existing clients to learn about the relationship. You’ll need those stories to win over new clients since you’re relying on the success of others until you create your own stories. Be sure to share those with the next hungry sales reps as well! Don’t forget to dig deep into some of the lost cases as well. They may not be readily available internally, but there’s something to be learned from every defeat and surely many wins can be replicated. Go for the low hanging fruits"!

4. Go through the average sales cycle

Even though the sales cycle and the sales process might not always be identical, go through a couple of cases with your colleagues. How many meetings does it usually take? Who should you meet? Whose budget are you after? Who signs the deals? What kind of proposals do you send out? What kind of a contract do you usually have? There are many phases on the road to winning a new deal, so it’s good to know what the next step is, so you can move the deal forward. I’ll never forget the moment my first ever deal came in and I had no clue what to do. I had to walk to my ex-manager and say, my client wants to buy from us, what do I do? Clearly the final part of the sales cycle was missing from the onboarding process…


5. Get to know your sales tools

Back in the day, this meant your notebook, car and phone. Today, we have a variety of tools to help you prospect, research, progress deals and, in our case, present what you’re selling. Your sales tools are there to help you sell more and be efficient. In the beginning, invest some of your time in getting everything out of your tools. As a new hire, I’ve spent most of that time with our actual product. I always have all my sales materials available in one place. I can use our analytics to learn which materials my colleagues use the most. As a sales manager, a sales enablement tool like Salesframe will really help you get your newcomers up to speed. Besides the fact that I don’t have to spend time preparing slides for my clients, I enter meetings with a lot of confidence, because I know that everything previous sellers have needed to close their deals, is in my Salesframe.

Happy selling! If you’d like to learn more about how Salesframe can help you with new hires, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Henri Parviainen, Sales Manager
+358 400 515 676