Supporting Sales in 2017 – What kind of Sales Enablement content works?


The productivity and efficiency of salespeople often ranks as a number one concern and improvement area within companies. Sales Enablement has come around to not only increase the productivity of salespeople, but also to improve the quality of their work. At the heart of Sales Enablement is content, so what makes marketing content Sales Enablement content? Let’s break it down, shall we?


Good content is a collection of adaptable, independently cohesive puzzle pieces. The salesperson can put this content together in a unique and valuable way for each case or even each meeting, presentation or brief. It’s up to the salesperson to effectively utilize the material they have, but the material still needs to be good enough for the salesperson to work with. No two salespeople are ever equally skilled, but good, varied content works as a powerful equalizer, putting them on the same starting line. Which tools salespeople use is ultimately up to them, but Sales Enablement is about giving everyone the content that works best for them.

Materials should align with the buying process, supporting sales every time the client and the sales team are in contact. Whether that means an initial presentation, a sales meeting or a follow up email, the right content should be readily available. Sales Enablement content, however, just like sales and marketing, doesn’t end with closing. Maintaining and further developing customer relations is an integral part of the sales process, and the right content should be there to play its supportive role.

Benchmarking your content along with your sales effectiveness is also a key factor. Being able to analyze which content generates the most traction allows you to focus your content creation efforts where it is most needed and to learn best practices. This way ineffective and unused practices can be discarded and whatever works can be developed further. Good content is ever-evolving.

So, what makes marketing content Sales Enablement content? Well, it’s right there in the title. Sales Enablement content enables, supports and empowers sales, every step of the way through the sales process.