Stop pushing your product and start pulling your weight


We’ve all been there. Someone is aggressively trying to sell you something you don’t really need or want. They pretend to be reviewing your contract, conducting a survey on consumer habits or some other convoluted story that’s supposed to make you feel like you’re not being sold to. You see through it, of course. You hate that they’re trying to trick you. You feel like that salesperson is taking you for a fool, you despise them for it and by extension you despise the product they’re selling and the company they represent. Maybe you did want what they were selling, but their dishonest methods made you angry and you went to their competitor to buy what you wanted. They didn’t push, because they didn’t have to.

What can you, as a salesperson, learn from those experiences? The old truth about sales applies here. Everyone hates to be sold to, but everyone loves to buy. So, don’t push, don’t lie, don’t try to trick your customers to buying.

Your customers are smart. Maybe smarter than you.

Your customers are smart. Maybe smarter than you. They certainly know more about their business than you do. So, when you meet with them, take it as a learning opportunity. Listen to what they’re saying. Try to understand what they do and what they need to do it better. Hey, maybe you have something to sell that will help them. Be upfront about your intentions. You’re there to sell something, but only if they want to buy it. A lot of the time, they don’t need you, but they can benefit from you. Try to understand them and find out how you could benefit them, not how you could benefit from them.

Value selling is all about finding out what challenges your customers face, what untapped opportunities they have and how you, with your products or services, can help them with those challenges and opportunities. It’s intelligent, empathetic and efficient. Your customers will love you for it and most importantly, it’s profitable for everyone.