Emotional Value of a Sales Meeting


What is Emotional Value?

Emotional Value, when referring to sales meetings and relationships, is all about how the client feels about the salesperson and their product or company. It’s all about being trustworthy, charismatic and interesting. Even in this time of impersonal electronic communication and big data, your client’s personal feelings about you are extremely important. Without Emotional Value, your sales efforts are likely to be unproductive.

How do I bring it?

Your client will be looking for certain things, both consciously and unconsciously. A trustworthy salesperson is honest about the products or services they are selling, makes eye contact, speaks frankly and answers the client’s questions. Charisma is all about smiling and engaging, projecting competence and confidence. Interest is piqued by how the product, not the salesperson, is presented.

So, it’s important to dress appropriately, make eye contact, shake hands and smile. It’s important to have appropriate materials that are understandable, informative and look professional. It’s very useful if you can show relevant references to the client. After all, if they’re interested, maybe we should be too.

Most importantly, however, trust is built when the client truly believes the salesperson is listening and cares about the client. If you really listen and you really try to understand the client’s needs, they will notice. The client will feel comfortable and secure, if they feel the salesperson is motivated by the success, security and wellbeing of the client. You’re there to enable and empower the client, not to push product. Your product is simply a part of the solution.

When the client believes that you understand their day-to-day challenges and that you are just the expert to help them get over those hurdles, you’re on your way to winning them over.