Are you in sales? This is how you prepare, present and wrap up with Salesframe.

Better Sales Meetings

Sales has changed and it is more critical than ever for salespeople to provide value at every stage of the buying process. Salesframe’s Present module allows you to enable your sales teams with a tool that guides them through client meetings and helps them access relevant content when it’s needed most.



Salesframe lets you present your unique value with more than just slides using our visually engaging Storyboard.


Content Creation

Our easy-to-use slide editor and professional templates make it extremely fast and simple to create slides that are always on brand.


Content Search

Instead of wasting your time scrolling through inboxes and network drives, find the right content fast by searching in Salesframe.


Presentation Decks

Combine and save multiple types of content into one seamless presentation to make the most out of your pitch.


Customer Memos

Follow up instantly after a meeting by sending your customer a trackable and downloadable presentation memo.


Notes & Action Points

Add your meeting notes and scheduled action points to your presentation memos to recap what you agreed on with your customer.


My Files

Personalize your presentations by adding your own files in your Salesframe and including them in your pitch.



Collaborate on your presentations with co-workers to ensure everyone is on the same page for your next big meeting.


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